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I grew up amongst the cotton fields and tobacco farms in eastern North Carolina, with parents that were artistic in a survivalist sort of way. It has been their gift of creativity that inspires me to "create." Fourteen years ago, while living in rural South Carolina, I began making and selling various styles of hand beaded jewelry which has evolved into designs that are more diverse, incorporating hand made components from a variety of metals and techniques, and purposed to be bold, fun and functionable.

My art jewelry experience began as a satiating desire to explore various jewelry techniques such as silver-smithing, kumihimo weaving, fold forming, metal clay, polymer clay, cold connections, etc., which have since found themselves meshed together into eclectic, harmonious jewelry designs. My jewelry incorporates natural materials with lots of texture, patterns and shapes, and occasionally, authentic components from around the world. The combination of techniques and unusual components result in unique, eye-catching jewelry that screams to be noticed. Stones used in my jewelry are natural gemstones which may be rough cut or tumbled and faceted to reveal their superior brilliance. Other materials used include brass, bronze, copper and sterling silver, which are usually hand textured or shaped and specially treated with heat or patinas to bring out unusual coloring. I have taught classes from basic beading to Kumihimo weaving.

My strongest passion lies in the combination of the various techniques to create a unique design that complements the wearer’s persona. I believe jewelry deserves to be noticed, deserves to be unique, and deserves to be individually yours.