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CANCELED: Pawley’s Island, Earring Workshop April 20, 2020

After this 3 hour class, you will walk out the door, wearing your own hand made fine silver metal clay earrings.  Using your choice of a starfish, Pawley’s Island Shell, or conch shell molds, you will learn to form, shape, fire and polish fine silver.  This is a project you can learn to make right in your own kitchen.   The class will cover the basic techniques of working with fine silver clay and all tools needed will be provided for class. 

Pawley’s Island, SC

Island Art Gallery

Class fee:  $45.00 for 3 hours

(Kit Fee:  $15.00, Includes 5 grams of fine silver clay, ear wires; fee is payable at class To the instructor.)

Extra clay available for sale.   

Register  by April 12, 2020 @ or contact at

12:00-3:00 on April 20, 2020 (short break included) 

Island Art Gallery, Pawley’s Island, SC

Cheraw Earring Workshop-March 3, 2020

This three hour class uses fine silver metal clay, tools used, and the process to torch fire metal clay jewelry. Participants will create a pair of silver metal clay earrings. So be thinking about a leaf from your favorite plant, a flower, a shell, something special that you want to keep.

Students will:
  •   Add textures using nature
  •  Cut shapes
  •  Learn how to roll clay
  •  Learn about burnishing
  •  Add black and Liver of Sulphur patinas
  •  Torch firing
  •  Finishing techniques.

Class Fee - 3 hours: $45.00
Kit Fee, paid to instructor at class - *$25.00 includes: 10 grams of silver clay, ear wires

Contact the Cheraw Arts Commission to register @ 843.537.8420 x 12
This is a private me for info!
This is a private me for info!


Want to bring out the fashionista in you?  Join us to learn how to make fine silver earrings, your style!  You will use fine silver metal clay to create your own design the shape and texture with a little help from my stash of templates and textures as I guide you through the process.   The silver clay is fired with a kiln or torch, polished and patina added, then you’re all set for a night on the town!   After you celebrate your success with a little wine and cheese!

1st Private Event, March 22, 2020 Tega Cay, SC

2nd Private Event, March 29, 2020  4:00-6:00

This is a private party, contact me to plan your own “Girls Night Out” Event!

Camp PMC Boot Camp 101

March 27-30, 2020

Friday, Saturday,Sunday, Monday

12:00-4:30 Friday

9:00-1:00 Saturday, Sunday, Monday

In this four-day course, students will learn all of the fundamental skills required to work with metal clays and be successful with PMC products.

Students will practice techniques including rolling, texturing, cutting, carving, sculpting, molding, refining, firing and polishing. Extra time is devoted to discuss firing processes and each student learns torch firing and kiln firing techniques.

Students will make five projects including a of pair earrings with a firable stone, a double textured pendant with syringe detail, wrapped beads, a sculpted toggle clasp and a wrapped ring with a firable stone. The class utilizes PMC3, PMC Flex and PMC OneFire 950 clays to ensure each student learns the appropriate usage of each type of clay.

Students will use 20g of PMC3, 25g of PMC OneFire 950, 5g of PMC Flex and a 9g PMC3 Syringe of clay. Students also receive firable stones, beads, embeddable findings and have use of all materials and tools to complete the projects.

Upon completion of the projects and lecture time, students will take a short written test. Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion from Sawtooth School for Visual Art and an 8% discount on all PMC clays at Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.

Metal clay experience is helpful but not required.

Class fee for four days is $225.00 due at registration.

Kit fee $150.00* due to instructor at the workshop.

*Students will purchase a kit for $150.00 from the instructor at the workshop. Included is 20g of PMC3, 25g of PMC OneFire 950, 5g of PMC Flex and a 9g PMC3 Syringe of clay along with firable stones, beads, embeddable findings and use of all materials and tools to complete the projects. A basic tool kit will be available for purchase at the workshop along with individual related tools

Workshop Registration Policies: Full refunds minus a $40.00 administrative fee will be given if cancellations are received up to 12 days prior to the workshop date.  Cancellations after that date can only be reimbursed if we can fill your seat.  

About My Classes
Available Ideas or Tell Me What You Want To Learn!

About Classes

I usually teach small groups, 6 - 8 participants, but contact me if you have a larger group.  (Adults only, due to safety reasons). The classes run, typically, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and occasionally an extended day or a two day class is required to complete the projects.  The cost for instruction and use of lab tools is usually $75.00 per day, except in the case of extended day classes and two day classes.  This class Fee is paid at time of registration.  An additional Kit/ Materials Fee to cover the clay and other consumable materials will be payable at the time of the class. This Kit Fee is based on the number of projects and the materials needed, ranging from $25.00 to $75.00.

Class dates are either set by me or as requested by interested students. Once a class is scheduled, I will send an e-mail to everyone on my list to share the dates.  Don’t hesitate to suggest dates or topics!

Class topics can range from the usual classes I have taught to very specialized sessions that you define. My frequently taught class topics are listed below, but some other possibilities could include focusing on making items for a particular event (weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc.) 

Send me a message a to let me know what you’d like to learn! Or check the Class Schedule above for currently scheduled classes.


Metal Clay 101, Silver  – All levels – This is an  introductory class and  much needed  if you’ve never taken a metal clay class or if you’ve been away from working with clay and would like a refresher. We will explore the many ways that Metal Clay can be used  to create jewelry designed by you! We’ll make pendants, earrings, simple beads, and charms using PMC3 clay. You will fully finish three or four pieces of jewelry in this one day class! The proper techniques and class projects will be demonstrated as the  instructor guides  you in creating your own  jewelry. Torch firing metal clay using a butane torch will also be demonstrated if time permits. Students at all levels of experience are welcome to participate in this metal clay class.

Metal Clay 201, Bronze – All levels – This is the introductory class to take if you’ve never taken a metal clay class or if you’ve been away from working with clay and would like a refresher. The focus will be on the use of base metal clays and how they differ from silver. You will learn many ways that you can use Metal Clay to create jewelry designs of your own. We’ll make pendants, earrings, and charms using Prometheus base metal clays. You will fully finish three or four pieces of jewelry in this one day class! Techniques and projects will be demonstrated and the instructor will help you create the jewelry that you want to make. Torch firing metal clay using a butane torch will also be demonstrated if time permits. Students at all levels of experience are welcome to join this class. 

Bracelets with Metal Clay –  Intermediate This class focuses on creating bracelets in bronze or copper metal clay. You should have taken a class or have some experience with metal clay to take this class. This class includes an emphasis on making metal clay clasps which is great for those who enjoy making beaded jewelry and setting simple pre-made bezels and stone settings, along with using syringe clay to further embellish your bracelet face. 

Setting Stones in Silver Metal Clay – Intermediate Take your jewelry making skills to new levels by learning how to successfully add natural gem stones that can be kiln fired as well as stones that can not be heated. You will learn a variety of ways to set stones and will fully finish a least two pieces of jewelry in this workshop. Additional charges for natural stones are based on actual selections or you can bring your own stones.

Hollow Forms in Metal Clay – Intermediate You will use PMC to make a variety of hollow beads using a combustible core substance such as cork clay, seed pods and others without any core material at all. The materials provided for the class will be sufficient to allow you to experiment with several types of beads, and additional metal clay will be available for purchase if desired. The number of beads made will depend on the size and type of beads as well as the complexity of the forms. All will be done and ready to wear by the end of the day! This class is ideal for people who have been making beaded jewelry and would like to add some hand crafted focal beads. 

Textures and Molds for Metal Clay –  Beginners This class focuses on creating your own unique textures/molds  to use with metal clay. The emphasis is on using scratch foam which has a hand crafted design or image embossed onto it and used to apply textured design to your clay.  I will also show you how to make molds using several different types of molding materials and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.


(No skill needed )

Girls Night Out! Schedule your own and bring a group of friends or watch for a scheduled session and come alone.  Leave with a one-of-a-kind pendant or earrings using fine silver metal clay. Learn the basic techniques such as texturing, firing and finishing.  You do not have to have any experience or artistic talents!  

$60.00 per person up to 6 participants, $50 per person with 7 to 12 participants.  Price includes all  materials and tools. (Minimum of 5 participants.). 

The evening workshop will involve learning the basics of PMC Precious Metal Clay! We will form, fire, polish as we create a stunning pair of .999 fine silver earrings ready to wear out the door!

Price includes:

*Instruction by Brenda Branson, Certified PMC Instructor

*Package of PMC silver clay

*Use of Tools

*Torch Firing /kiln

*A pair Sterling Silver Ear wires

*Studio rental fee

*Wine and cheese tray

Reservations & Prepayment - due three weeks prior to event.  This allows me time to order materials and clay as well as making travel arrangements.  

Primitive Designs.  Learn to design and create beautiful, organic and geometric shaped works of art.  Using fine silver metal clay, create earrings and embellish with 22k gold plating.  A kit fee includes the silver metal clay, 22k Gold Electroplating, findings, along with the use of all tools needed to complete it in class!  Class is limited to 6 students! 

 Jingles and Dangles for Your Arms. Bring on the jingles....using bronze metal clay you will learn create charms from  molds made of your own found objects and/or to roll and texture up to five charms.  

Art Deco Pendant.  This may be the perfect statement piece!  And you will design your own!  Using White Bronze clay, you will design a unique statement piece as you texture, refine and dry your pendant.

Wrist Collage.  In this class, you set  a collection of shells, starfish, and other hand formed silver sea life on panels to create a beautiful bracelet!    

17 Jul 2019Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy 

MSB Designs reserves the right to cancel classes due to extreme weather, limited enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely occasion that it is necessary to cancel a class, we will notify registered students by phone or email and refund/credit the full amount.

Registered students may cancel up to 2 weeks in advance without penalty.  Registered  students may cancel up to 1 week in advance without penalty if the minimum number of attendees is maintained (5 attendees unless otherwise stated).

In the case of no-shows (except in the event of medical emergency and family bereavement) there is a 100% penalty of the entire class fee. However, the payment can be applied to the next class offered at the same venue.